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** Restaurant City: Multi-cheat Pack **

a) Programs needed- For this cheat, you will need the following 2 programs - Both are free :)

1) Fiddler2 Web Debugger (Download here)

2) Internet Explorer Browser or Google Chrome or Firefox

3) *Microsoft .Net Framework - Only needed if Fiddler does not work. (Download here)

b) Step-by-Step Guide 

1) DO NOT START your Restaurant City game yet.

2) Download the zip file which you will be replacing with fiddler. Save it on your desktop. Extract the 6 bin files inside and save it on your desktop

3) Open Fiddler.

4) Click on the AutoResponder tabTick Enable Automatic Response and Permit passthrough for unmatched requests as shown below.

6) Now, drag the 6 bin files into the AutoResponder tab. (As shown below)

7) Now, Start Restaurant CityPurchase the items you want. Yup, it's that simple! Enjoy! :D

8) This Cheat contains: 
 - All Solid Gold Items
 - All Coca-Cola Items
 - All Avatar Items
 - All Outdoor items
 - All Recipes (You will need the ingredients and attain at least level 1 to keep the dish)
 - Employees Hack
 - Server all your recipes (No limit to number of dishes you can serve)
 - Future Items
 - Candy Maker Machine (See previous coin cheat)
 - 100% Quizzes. Get the answer correct no matter what you choose.


 Salam *Zenju_Cheater*

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