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** Millionaire City Super Money Cheat **


Hurry! Before the cheat gets patched! You need Coffee Shops for this cheat to work!

a) Programs needed- For this cheat, you will need the following 2 programs - Both are free :)

1) Cheat Engine 5.6 (Download here)

2) Firefox Browser (Download here)

b) Step-by-Step Guide 

1) Start up the Firefox browser and log into your Facebook account, then your Millionaire City Game

2) Start up the Cheat-Engine Program.

3) Click on Process ->Open Process Window to view the Process List

4) In the Process List, find plugin-container.exe, double click on it.

5) In the Value Type Dropdown Box, select 4 Bytes

6) Type the value 10000 in the textbox. Click First Scan. 

7) You will see some addresses in the left hand pane. Select the address that end with 20 double click it TWICE. 

8) The address will now appear TWICE in the bottom pane. 

9) Double click on the first address and change the 20 to 1A.

10) Notice that the value changes to 23293.  

11) Double click on the value and change it to 23201.

12) Next, double click on the second address and change the 20 to 0C

13) Notice that the Value changes to 180000. Double click on that value and change it to 90000.

14) Once you are done, the bottom pane should look similar to this:

15) Now return to the game and collect from your COFFEE SHOPs. Note that you can only have ONE house in the area of the coffee shop (When you hover over the coffee shop, you should only see one house being highlighted) If you have more than one house, the cheat will not work and the game will go out of sync. Enjoy! :D


 Salam *Zenju_Cheater*

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