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** CSI Crime City Energy Cheat **

This is quite similar to the previous CSI cheat. 

a) Programs needed- For this cheat, you will need the following 2 programs - Both are free :)

1) Charles Web Debugging Proxy & Firefox Add-on (Download here)

2) Firefox Browser (Download here) or Chrome Browser

b) Step-by-Step Guide 

1) Start up Charles Web Debugging Proxy.

3) Keep searching in the game until you get a Energy boost mini game. 

Try to get at least 5 matches to get a large coffee. (In the example below I only managed to get a medium coffee. ;p But if you get 5 matches, you can cheat with a large coffee)

4) After that, return to Charles Web Debugging Proxy. In the structure pane, look for

5) Expand it by clicking on the + sign. and you will see several lines of flash_gateway.php. Look for the one with the word "rewardFunding"

6) Right click on this gateway.php and select Repeat Advanced.

7) Type in 10 concurency and 1000 iterations. Click okay.

8) Once Charles is done running, refresh the game and check your items. Your coffee energy boost will be there! Enjoy! :D


 Salam *Zenju_Cheater*

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  1. duuh maaas... complicated amat yiahhh! :( aq mo donlod charles koq kg bergeming tu program?

  2. votre avis...



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