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** PetVille - Bubble Game AutoBot **

This bot helps you to play the Bubble Game in Petville, earning you coins as a results. You can run it until your Pet energy finishes. Easy Money! (Credits: phoenixri)

a) Programs needed- For this cheat, you will need the following 2 programs - Both are free :)

1) SCAR (Download here)

2) Firefox Browser (Download here)

b) Step-by-Step Guide 

1) Download SCAR using the link above and extract the entire folder onto your desktop.

2) Install the program (SCAR322setup.exe)

3) Once installation is complete, launch the program. It might ask you whether you want to update, click OK.

4) Once update is complete, click File -> Open at the Top menu bar of SCAR.

5) Browse to your desktop and go to the folder which you have extracted. Click and select the File Bubble Game(Color).scar

6) Start up the Firefox browser and log into your Facebook account, then your Petville Game.

7) Go to World -> Bubble Pop Game. At this point, do not click Start Poppin yet.

8) In SCAR, look for the Target Icon (See image below) It's at the top right. Click and drag the icon into the Petville Game Screen.The entire game screen will show a red border to indicate that it has been selected.

9) In SCAR, Click the Play Icon or (CTRL+ALT+R) to run the script. Like Magic, your bubbles will automatically be popped. Enjoy!

10) To stop the script, press (CTRL+ALT+S)

 Salam *Zenju_Cheater*

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