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** Cheat Restaurant City 2011 Update Terbaru **

Maaf yahh bhs English karena sumbernya dari orang barat
kalian translate sendiri Ok

Restaurant City is one of the facebook game enough to have many fans in Indonesia waupun to foreign countries. Evidently there are so many users are asking City Restaurant Restaurant City latest cheat, be it in online gaming forums as well as on various blogs that I visit cheat. It seems more and more interested in the game wrote this so it must find all the cheat Restaurant City.

Seeing the enthusiasm, eventually I was interested in sharing the latest cheat city restaurant that yesterday I had read in the next blog. So if for example you not understand with the latest cheat yah restaurant this city please visit source. hehehe .. ^ _ ^

Please download an application or tool cheat cheat city restaurant below the DOWNLOAD menu.
* RC Bot Cheat City Restaurant
* Fiddler
* Charles Proxy
* Firefox / Chrome
* Get the application of other tools cheat or cheat (cheat engine, etc.) on a special page download cheats tool on the menu above.

STEPS (not translated to be more understandable cheat ^_^):
1. Go into City Restaurant
2. Restaurant Should Be Open, serving dishes to customers.
3. Download RC tools and extract everything to the desktop. You will of need WinRAR to extract.
4. Open RCCheat.exe
5. Select Bahasa or Mandarin or Spanish depending on your preferred language. Steps will from some for Home mode.
6. Select Browser.
7. Low-click scan. Give it about 1-2 minutes of scanning to get all buttons clickable. But if still not clickable buttons, serves Some dishes first. Then Click Scan / Low-scan again
8. Once scanning is done, select the cheats That You Want.
9. Quiz answers are given too and you cans use the Speedhack in the quiz tool to pause your timer.

Cheat Restaurant City 2011 Update Terbaru


 Salam *Zenju_Cheater*

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